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Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
To dredge up issues from way back in this thread, golf's definition does not say shots to the green +2. At least, not the definition I could find on the PGA website, nor any definition anyone else cited. It is simply the expected score of an expert (in so many words).

It happens that in golf, shots to the green +2 is a method producing results that match that definition, in almost all cases. In disc golf, the same method doesn't.
That's fair. I should have said "par has a very standard ASSUMED definition." In other words, that's what most people think of with the word, and that method describes the majority of the situations. I think the goal is to create an approach that uses the simplest definition/method possible to account for the most situations. Shots to green + 2, with a properly defined putting area for disc golf (20m and in?), is remarkable for its simplicity and the breadth of situations it can cover.

There will be courses with holes designed to yield non-par results with this definition. For instance, a tiny island green might yield mainly birdies and bogies+, with very few pars. That's okay in my mind, and doesn't undermine the beauty of a very simple definition/method that covers most other situations.

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