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Originally Posted by Casey 1988 View Post
I have seen G-Star putters bounce but that was more like a single bounce and then a flop right after the initial bounce. G-Star does bonce more then say DX but still not as much as Star or some in XT, XT or old DX can bounce bad due to how stiff the plastic is. I have seen this when my brother would on the rare occasion miss and hit the basket with his Stiff DX FAF Gator that was used as a putter, almost like the Stiff plastic would deflect off the hit object and go in another direction 90 degrees.
Well, then what plastic doesn't bounce? Each type of plastic has their own pros and cons. For example, stiff plastics roll. As a GStar thrower, I've personally never experienced any excessive "bounce." My fiancee throws a GStar Colt and I've never seen it bounce any more or any less than any other plastic.

But the point was Innova markets GStar as not being prone to bouncing. My experience is consistent with what the video shows.
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