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Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
Sometimes I think to myself from an outside perspective, how silly it is to drag 20 different frisbees out there to play frisbee golf. I mean sure, you have your putter, and maybe one that goes straight, one that curves left, one that curves right... but 20??
Saw a guy on my course once that had eight (8) Destroyers (that's the number HE told us that were at the teepad). EIGHT Destroyers, and a lot more discs overall. I didn't understand why he needed EIGHT Destroyers, but I'm sure he felt he had the need for them, and if that's what he likes to do, so be it. Ditto that if he carried eight different driver molds to fill the same needs.

I saw a post a while back about the "17 disc bag". One putting putter, then 4 putters in the approach, mid, fairway/control driver, and distance driver slots, filling the Overstable, Straight-to-Overstable, Straight-to-Understable, and Understable slots. These can be filled by cycling one mold in each category, or all different molds. That can be reduced by having three discs per category, making a 13-disc bag, or even fewer if one doesn't really need a category (some don't carry any mids at all, or just one putter/approach disc, etc.)

My own bag is anywhere from 11 (real minimal) to 17 (max that my bag can hold) discs, depending on the course, weather, and if I'm trying new plastic. Whatever works, and whatever is fun.

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