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my review of the royal plastic

ive had my royal cat for almost a month and my initial thoughts on the plastic were : its velvety, has a medium stiffness and a very flat top. the plastic is reminiscent to kc pro blends, not waxy at all and pretty durable.

the first day i got it, i took it out to the field to compare to other plastic cats and out of the box, even at 170g, it was still somewhat true to the bobcat numbers, it just appeared to have more glide and was straighter at high speeds. between the 4 plastics, it was the longest of the cats and the straightest, 2nd was my light weight sublime. after a few rounds with it, the flashing wore off and i started to notice that it would hold a straighter flight at high speed but still showing the little low speed fade i expected.

i normally use the bobcat for upshots or some tee shots that require a fade or even some flex around obstacles. however, after seasoning in my royal, i found i was reaching for it more and more since it was easier to manipulate and use for those straighter shots at high speed and low speed. mind you, i have not thrown base plastic mids in almost a decade because our courses out here can chew them up pretty quick. i trusted this disc so much i bagged it a week before a tournament and every time i threw it, i knew exactly how it was going to fly. fh and bh, it responded to touch shots just as one would expect a less stable version to do so. it did take me some time to figure out the range on it because i wasnt used to a bobcat going so straight for so long but once i did,it was a no brainer to always reach for it.

the flight of the royal really reminded me of my old rocs, only a bit faster and more reliable to power shots and fh shots. ive always preferred beadless to beaded discs so this mold and stability still trips me out because i never thought i could find a beadless , overstable mid that flies the way the bobcat does(trying not to be biased here). i threw buzzzes for a long time and never had this slot filled because i couldnt find anything readily available, it just didnt exist. molds were either too os or too touchy or too inconsistent to just go grab on off the shelf. i truly see a lot of people loving these to compliment their other bobcats since they are straighter and easy to cycle.

at this moment, i can hyzer flip my royal up to flat and into a frozen rope from start to finish. i can throw it flat and watch it drift right and then slowly work its way back if given the height. thrown high , with some power , i can get it to hold an anhyzer line to the ground. thrown on a soft hyzer, i can get it to hold a hyzer but penetrate forward more as it slowly pops up. its a very reliable disc, even at the 170g weight i chose. i have a 177 i am slowly working in to see if it takes as long or longer to beat in. my thinking is itll take a little longer and hold a little more of the high speed stability longer than the light weight royal did.

with that said, i cant wait for people to get these, especially if you wanted a straighter bobcat to compliment your others. so far, the plastic has held up nicely, i have some dings, cuts etc but no warping, no clovering, chunks missing as of yet. i will report again in about another month on the status of my royal

as always, if anyone has any questions, please ask away and ill answer the best i can . btw, weights are ranging from 170g - 177 in few colors atm. blue, white, pink, purple.i chose blue because it was the lightest weight i wanted to try first.

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