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Originally Posted by jonkimbertx View Post
Speed can't be purely defined by wing width, though. The Nuke is a 2.5 but no one calls it a speed 15 driver. Speed is a relative term made up by Innova to describe the nature of a disc. Personally, I find the thunderbird to be a true speed 9, and the PD flies faster than it for me. Same wing width, different results.
I think speed should be dictated not only by the width of the rim, but the depth of it too. Some discs have very shallow rims (Flick, Katana). The Flick is listed as speed 9, but I think it flies much more like a speed 13-14 disc. Same with the Katana. That thing is laser fast.

The Boss and Katana have the same width rim. However, the Katana has a much shallower rim. Wouldn't that aspect alone make the disc cut through the air faster than a Boss?

As for the DDX, its a bit of a strange disc. It flies exactly like a Tern, but with a noticeably sharp/heavy fade. Like it suddenly stops going forward and falls out of the air like a rock. Its pretty inelegant and costs the disc some distance. Frankly I'd rather throw a Tern. The DDX is good for throws where you need that hooking fade though.

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