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Originally Posted by HyzerUniBomber View Post
I think it's easy to lag a bit too much and end up with a overly disconnected hip to shoulder, which would be very hard to control.

I think the ideal feeling would be like if i handed you a car tire and told you to toss it up onto the roof of your house (extreme hyzer), down your driveway (slight hyzer) or high and left (anhyzer).
That makes a lot more practical sense... however, my theory is that feeling is way more extreme when you're used to muscling it, or pulling that arm through. After a while it starts to feel less extreme/cartoonish and you just get used to it.

It feels like my "center" gets way ahead of my head... as if the hips fire, they pull the core and arm and they get to the hit before my head even has a chance to follow.

I guess the arm/shoulder is lagging less than my head itself.
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