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Originally Posted by HyzerUniBomber View Post
I think I'd need to see your throw - because it sounds like you're on the right track, I'd just want to make sure I wasn't seeing a "sloshing" effect.
Next time I go to the field I'll record it.

Last week I was exaggerating this hip thrust forward on some throws and pulling it back on others. (in the original post on this thread, we'd be talking about step 3).

When I lean on old muscle memory, my head never really aligns to front hip/spine at the plant. I was throwing 380-400ftish with drivers on golf lines, and my whole upper body (core, shoulders, arms, head) felt connected to my hips. My head wants to look really fast at the disc, never aligns to the front hip/spine and is always trying to cheat a peak at the disc. Which also causes my shoulders to open early if I'm not careful.

When I exaggerate the hips, my head definitely gets pulled around chin first like SW describes. I was getting pretty good distance too. My Leopard3 to flew to ~450 feet on the throw I measured with a wheel, but I always subtract 25-30 to account for not walking in a perfect line. The major difference was that my hips and arm felt much faster. I felt like my hips fired and whip the arm to the hit point before my head even really had a chance to catch up or "cheat a peak." It's then pulled around on the follow through, like I think it should be.

This all sounds positive, but it does feel less under control. I think that's because it's such a new feeling and it'll feel more and more normal over time (like all things do). However I can see what you mean about the shoulders and arms getting disconnected and "sloshing." Would that manifest as rounding?
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