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Sometimes I feel like SW is reading minds. Was thinking offarm just before this new video came out:

Offarm been coming to my nightmares for quite a while since I haven't been able to figure it out, have tried this swimming move several times and it always felt off and not powerfull enough to incorporate into my swing. Finally figured why... I have this bad habit of striding little closed to my trajectory line and when I tried to swim 180 degrees away from trajectory line it always felt like offarm came into my way.

Well I started to think about my left leg countering the throw to right and tried to feel the same kind of counter with my left arm. Suddenly my body wanted to do that swimming stroke to southeast direction (North being the target and south 180 degrees from target, sorry about my bad english).

This might be horribly wrong and my reasoning behind it aswell, but wanted to share for discussion/learning purposes.

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