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Originally Posted by dwalk77 View Post
Thanks for the responses thus far..
Right now I have a 175g Supersoft Wizard, a 172g Elite Z Buzzz, and a 175g VIP Anvil..

I play on a windy course, and I find myself more comfortable throwing the Anvil for that reason. Should the buzzz and wizard hold up in 10-15 mph headwind?

I was considering getting a Firm Wizard and a KC Pro Roc for a little more stability than the current Wizard/Buzzz, but I'm not sure that's necessary..

I like to keep the discs in my bag to a minimum, so I'd rather not have more than 1 putter and 2 mids or vice versa..
In a 10-15MPH headwind I'd be grabbing the Anvil...but not expecting much distance out of it. In a tailwind or crosswind the Wizard and Buzzz will work as long as you are aware of your wing and nose angles.

A KC Roc is a different type of mid from the Buzzz, but still a go-to do everything mid like the Buzzz is. If you're a bag minimalist then it's likely an either/or thing with the Buzzz/Roc.
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