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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
1043 in late age 38. The true caveat being that for much of Climo's prime, there were no ratings. Who knows what 1997 Ken Climo, at the same age that McBeth is now, would have been rated as he won his seventh consecutive World title.
I was going to try to extrapolate a wildly speculative post on his possible rating based on worlds winning margins and his 1998 rounds when they instituted ratings. And then I noted that, right now, it shows in the final full round between Scott Stokely and Climo there's a 1 stroke and 30 point difference. And there are numerous other ones - I think Climo's early rounds look odd as well. But THAT could be explained away because of pools. Hard to say, but that last round being so weird makes it completely unreliable to even speculate from.

I was going to speculate that based on that - likely 1040-50. He usually won Worlds by like 1-5 strokes, and in the one year he won by 18 he really only had one other big event that he won running away. It was Japan, so you could speculate he just wasn't being challenged to play better and brought it at the biggest of the year, but that isn't a recipe for an absurd rating and that's what we're talking about.

The last time Ricky had a higher rating than Paul was December 2013. In fact, Ricky was ahead of Paul for most of that year and it was the only time he has ever been the higher rated between the two. They also had the same rating in June/July last year but beyond that, Paul has been higher rated than Ricky throughout their careers.
This actually took me back to look at another Ricky comparison... I hadn't lined up the ratings this way before, but I looked month by month at D-Wig Jr. compared to Ricky. In May 2010, going into Amateur Nationals, Wiggins was 997 and Ricky was 972. Wiggins hit 1000 the June update after AmNats. Ricky hit 1000 in October. They both hit 1010+ in May of 2011. Ricky hit 1020s in September of 2011. Wiggins hit 1020s in December of 2011. Ricky hit 1030s in July of 2012. Wiggins never did (and while I know I heard Wiggins focused on other things later - his professional high for rounds played in a single update [95] came in after that point, so he didn't peter off just then).

Can you imagine what the top of the field would look like if we'd had a 100% retention rate (accounting for career choices, injury issues...) - Paul McBeth, Ricky Wysocki, Will Schusterick, and David Wiggins Jr. If Will doesn't get hurt and move on to other focuses, and if disc golf appears more viable as a career for Wiggins... imagine a top 4 with two more guys on that Paul/Ricky level... I know some other younger guys like AB and Eagle are coming around, but man what coulda been with that general age cohort.

(of course, I'm sure that can be said for every generation, there are lots of names from that cohort that stopped elevating even earlier - like Blair Bose or that just haven't played on the big stages as pros - like Oscar Stenfelt)

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