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Originally Posted by roggenb3 View Post
When you say soft floppy plastic, what do you mean?

Alot of plastic like that doesnt dye well (Gateway SSS for example)

But get some idye blue, mix a whole pack with like 1 mason jar of water, heat it up till its steaming, and then dunk the disc in. Then just keep checking till its as dark as you want.

The yellow disc will probably end up greenish tho. And orange may be brownish. But typically the dye mostly overpowers the plastic color, so you should be able to get a mostly blue color.
I mean Daredevil's plastic called elastic performance...

If that plastic won't hold the dye I may not even bother. I guess the yellow is more likely to turn positive results if it does work tho cause it is lighter.

I want to keep the temp below boiling but enough to steam? Will the dye change the color of the pot? Can I use one that I normally eat out of?
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