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Originally Posted by reezyF View Post
Ive been trying out dying lately with the contact paper stencil method and always find that the adhesive is left on the disc after pealing off the stencil- how do you remove the adhesive without damaging the stencil?

When using shaving cream to get dye across the entire disc surface the discs end up smelling strongly like shaving cream. Are there any ways to get rid of the smell quickly?

It seems prodigy (and maybe others) stamps are slightly cut into the top of the discs and the dye ends up bleeding out of the stencil and running into the indentions and messing up my clean lines. This is after wiping the stamps. How do you avoid dye running outside the stencil?

(all questions based on contact paper stencils with I-dye poly // shaving cream)
Contact paper does not seal as well as vinyl does. I would use oracle 651 vinyl instead of contact paper .The oracle 651 does not leave as much adhesive residue and if it does I use citrus goo gone
Lots of hot stamps leave groves in the flight plate and you sometimes cant avoid a run because of them. If you want to ensure a good seal get a blank or a bottom stamped disc.

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