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I'm curious about the cement board because I have never seen pads that use it.
I have a couple questions/concerns about it: I wonder how the durability is? Looking up info on it shows that it is concrete mixed with some sort of fiber. I'm concerned about the fiber breaking down, especially in constant rain. Will the fiber absorb water over the long run? How long will they last?

The other suggestion I have seen from multiple people that I have very little experience with is turf pads. It just doesn't seem like many courses use turf (at least in the pacific NW) and I wonder why? Is is a grip issue? Durability? Water drainage? It seems like turf is used more commonly in Europe (not that I have ever played in Europe). It is used in sports fields so it seems like it might be a good option? Especially on an above ground course like this where concrete pads in the ground isn't an option.

And, while I'm typing this I'll give an update on the status of the course:
We are still waiting for final approvals from the Army Corps of Engineers but while we wait acres of brush removal and mowing has been completed. The ranger in charge of our historical area, where the course will be located, is moving full speed ahead with having the maintenance crew do a lot of work in the area in preparation for the course. I'm amazed at the progress that has been made in a short time. We will have another temporary course set up over Labor Day weekend even though the year round course won't be finished by then.

We will be taking it one step at a time, and there will be a 9 hole course first, but the area that has been designated for the course is larger than I originally realized. We are looking to utilize around 60 acres. If everything works out long term, there is definitely potential for more than 18 holes. The course plays through WWII batteries and bunkers which will offer some unique opportunities for signage with historical info along the course. It also plays along the bank of the Columbia river which will offer some amazing views of the river, bay and the ocean.

Thank you again for everyone's feedback and suggestions.
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