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Just got two trespasses in the mail since I've finally decided that I don't have any business throwing destroyers. I max out at 400' RHBH on a great day, generally in the 360-380' range. So I put the ole 12x wraiths back in the bag for distance duties, but wanted to try the trespass as I've always seen it as a more neutral, glidey wraith.

I took to the field:

4x PFN 12x star wraiths (ranging from straight-stable to flip-and-doesn't-fade)
1x Penned star wraith (166g, the most OS wraith I have, but not beefy by any means)
3x embossed wraiths (straight stable to out of the box flipper)
1x Fuzion Burst trespass
1x Lucid trespass (flat)

My findings are that the trespasses are a very nice neutral and glidey complement to a star wraith. Most of my wraiths are older and have some seasoning, so most will all at least pop up a bit in calm conditions. The trespasses just seem to have a slow rightward bank while gliding forward, and the fade is not dumpy like a wraith can be. The wraiths definitely hold up better in a headwind, usually drifting right then fading. I wouldn't throw either of these trespasses in a headwind. As an aside, the fuzion burst has a higher PLH than the lucid, and flies a touch more stable.

The trespasses consistently out-distanced the wraiths, but not by much (10' or so). I am now very interested in trying a Lucid X trespass, not necessarily to hold a hyzer in a headwind, although that would also be nice, but to get that good straight carry without burning over.

I'm also interested in a speed 11 OS bookend for my wraith/trespass cycle. I have read that Discmania DDs can fit this bill.

TL;DRi: f you like wraiths, try a trespass!

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