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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
Your left foot step in behind during the X-step is too far. If you pause the side view video when the left foot is on the ground, it is ahead of your body/spine. This is why it turns backward, because it has traveled ahead too far. Also, you then have to wait until your body is in front/inside of the foot before you can leverage your weight forward. So you need a shorter left foot step and to glide forward more so that your body stays over or inside of the foot.

As well your left foot is too wide behind your the rear view of the X-step that is too far to the right of the teepad. Having a shorter left foot stride and gliding with the X-step should help make it easier to keep that foot/leg underneath your body.

Basically your X-step needs to narrow itself distance wise down the teepad, and width wise underneath your body.

I think your backswing is a bit too arm-focused, but getting your X-step more simplified so that you can maintain posture/leverage will help you be able to backswing with more leverage and sequence from the hips first.
Thanks a lot for the feedback! Makes a lot of sense. I now have specific things to work the next time im out on the field.
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