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Default Baskets staying outside?

Originally Posted by thirtydirtybirds View Post
So Iíve got $75 in amazon money from a few birthday gifts. Iíve just moved to a new property with room for a ďcourseĒ and was thinking maybe I put the money towards another target. Iíve got 2 of the cheaper Costco ones, which work fine to put around the yard and throw at, but arenít the best for actual putting practice.

Iím looking at the black hole/axiom baskets, but was wondering if you guys had any other recommendations at the $150 and under price point. What I want:

-catches well
-somewhat visible
-flag pole on top is a bonus (visibility in the woods)

What you got DGCR?!?!
Will you be moving the baskets indoors or will they stay outside?

Recommendations could vary due to this factor.
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