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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
Last post on this - I'm trying to end the thread derail.

Scroll back a couple more pages. I never spoke to you, I just returned the attitude I was given. Fair enough that last comment was over the line, I apologize. I felt like you were attacking me on principle, not on substance of post.

Totally fair, I understand NDA's, and even more basic not stealing people's thunder when they've let you in their circle. I'll be the last person to flame you over that, so just say so. I'm not a hater, I want the sport to progress even if I'm not the one doing it. I think it takes all of our work and contributions.

I respect loyalty to your people. I'm loyal to Derek Hastings, Avery Jenkins, and the whole Chains crew - and I got flamed over it in a thread that has nothing to do with it, so I've got no qualm with you there...but you've got to understand (as I do) that if you go in blind on something for your boy regardless of trolldom not everybody just rolls over and takes it.

I'll repeat I didn't get on New's case because he had an opinion, but because he was being a jerk and a terrible ambassador for the sport and the DGCR site to another user for no reason. Please understand me, I'm in no way trying to act like a hotshot. I'm trying to lend what talent I may have, and share what knowledge I've racked 6-figures in student loans over, to make the disc golf community better and promote our sport. I don't pretend that I've made up the information I share - I'm passing on what I've learned from others and from my experiences. I'm a firm believer that you learn more from failures than successes, so take my posting on this topic as an admission of failing, in hopes that if others don't have to waste time making some of the mistakes I have that we can raise the average level of quality of product amongst disc golfers...and if I so happen to make something good then it's a product of my failures and others successes that I've studied.

I'm about the sport over myself, regardless of whatever my reputation is on here.

...and I think the copter camera is awesome. I hope that technology progresses and more stable and more shallow learning curved 'copters are built so that it can be implemented en masse. I think it's only a matter of time, and when it's feasible for me I'll be the first one lined up to get one.
Fair enough.
I never flamed you in the chains threads for what it is worth.
New013 is a self professed troll, he is here to debate (much like myself most of the time) He will give you attitude, but he goes away if you dont feed him
Maybe I misread your statements, but I felt you were belittling the copter cam as a toy, with no viable use on a large commericial stage. Maybe I took your comments wrong.
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