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Originally Posted by SilentExodus04 View Post
Does it sound like I'm progressing normally for someone whos been playing for about a year?

Originally Posted by SilentExodus04 View Post
I recently upgraded my bag and my main drivers are a Teebird, Eagle, and Thunderbird (winds) and I have to say I can pretty much get any shot I want with these discs. I do have my Leo for understable shots too.
This is especially good.

Congrats on your progress!

Originally Posted by SilentExodus04 View Post
The best thing I've found recently on here that has helped me immensely is this shot shaping drill. I've been able to finally throw turnovers with my Mako3 reliably, and it's freakin fun as hell to do that instead of throwing forehand which I suck at.
Glad you found that useful. A lot of people play for a year (or more) and still don't know how to shape shots (but are quick to talk about how they overhauled their bag what a game-changer some new disc will be.)

If you really want to progress further, the best thing to do is (IMO) to increase the distance within which you can reliably get up and down. This can be broken down into 2 elements: putting and upshots. If you get good at upshots and leave yourself 10-15 footers, then your consistency will increase (unless you are having trouble with 10-15 footers, then really work on that.) If you get good at putting and can make a high percentage within say, 35 feet, then that gives you even more margin for error with upshots and/or drives; all you have to do is get within a 70-foot circle.

On most courses/holes, birdies are what happen when you get up and down from the tee.

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