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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Not sure what type of disc/shot you are throwing? Looks severely anhyzer and/or nose up/grip.

That setup and address looks a lot better than before. But you are trying to rotate flat/anhyzer behind your heels, instead of swinging like a pendulum with your shoulder/body in athletic position/balance. You are also pulling the disc into your body with your arm, and before you plant the front foot/shift off rear foot. The rear foot should be going forward before the loose arm moves the disc like ball on string, so all your weight moves the disc forward instead of your arm muscles.

Camera view from behind the tee would show your balance/nose behind your front heel/right teepad side, instead of nose over toes/left teepad side. Your front shoulder coming forward around behind/right of your front knee instead of forward over/left your knee in more athletic balance.
Whenever I have tried to get my weight over toes I end up throwing extreme hyzer.

I get that the rear foot is supposed to be deweighted when the disc is in the power pocket, but don't exactly get how to achieve it. In my mind, when my hips open that immediately pulls my core forward meaning that in turn my upper body is opened. So if I use my body to move the disc, it's going to end up at right pec before I'm deweighted. I'm not sure if this is a flexibility issue on my end or what, but how do I open my hips while still keeping my upper body closed?
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