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I say this all the time, and it's never any less-true: I prefer watching the Ladies play.

Now, you might think it's for different reasons. Argue amongst yerselves, if you like. I won;t take any bait.

For me, it just seems like they're more pleasant people, for one. Smiling and laughing and having a good time - surprise, surprise. It IS supposed to be fun...

But also, and more importantly, it's because they don't have their egos tied to how far they can bomb plastic. I see it in ball golf, too. They're just smoother, slower into their groove, so to speak. Any time I watch female golfers of any stripe, it always reminds me to breathe deeper, move more deliberately, and to just slow the eff down on everything. God bless 'em.

I bet they smell a lot better than the dudes, too.

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