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Originally Posted by cheesethin View Post
it feels right to penalize both the stance violation and the hazard area landing.
So I think I'll stand by my earlier statement that foot faults should be treated separately from regulated area/route/position faults - both penalties should count.

It makes sense to me that regulated area/route/position faults are lumped in together as one 'class' of fault, and that you should only incur one penalty per throw for transgressing any of them. You make one 'error' by shanking your shot - you incur one penalty, even if you miss the mando AND go OB AND can't find you disc. It is still just as a result of one error - shanking your shot.

But a foot-fault/stance violation strikes me as a separate kind of thing. In the Wysocki incident, him stepping over the tee-pad front line didn't really play any significant part in the shot landing in the hazard. I'd say a player doing this has made two 'errors', one, not placing their feet correctly & two, throwing the shot poorly.

(A possible exception to this is slipping on the tee-pad/run-up. That could cause you to foot fault and misthrow.)

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