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Originally Posted by in4d View Post
Would be nice if the PDGA had regulations if the actual tooling of a mold is changed and the measurement changes by more than maybe lets say for e.g. .1cm (or whatever the PDGA deems significant enough) it should be sent in for re-approval, or at the bare minimum for an update to measurements.

What stops them from making a "tweaked" "new tooling" mold under the same name "Kong" and sending 100 to McBeth and no one else gets an opportunity to have this "tweaked" mold? The whole point of the approval was so many have to be available to public, etc...
^ ^ ^ This. The PDGA rule about 500 being available to the public before they can be used in tournaments may have been designed just to prevent the kind of cheating you suggest.

There are a lot of people upset with this 'incident' concerning the Kong, and we may see much stronger enforcement of the rules, as well as disallowing 'tweaking' without re-approvals.
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