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Originally Posted by ThrowaEnvy View Post
I agree mostly with Earthrocker but the entitlement to "nothing" is a self fulfilling prophecy.. Work ethic has gone out the window and has been replaced with a "Why should I try?" attitude. The internet has made people tremendously self absorbed and detached from real life experiences.

I love my kid and she's great, better than most but still guilty of doing the minimum effort and she doesn't get that from me.. It's like they think everything they want should just happen on its own, and it probably won't happen so why bother trying.

Life should deliver all of the goodies gift wrapped on my doorstep like everything else does from Amazon
I dunno.

my wife teaches and it amazes me the way the kids work. I did nothing through school, always the bare minimum or less, these kids today are on it all day long filling up free time with revision classes and more. She teaches in an inner city school with a very low socio-democratic intake and the vast majority of the kids work a damned site harder than me or my peers did going through state grammar schools.

Our brand new 15 year British Open champ is a great kid - every time I drive him to leagues or an event he's doing homework in the back seat whilst we chat rubbish up front. His attitude on the course blows me away as well, polite, respectful, eager to learn, not out of his depth amongst adults.

There is literally no way in the world I was the same at that age and I played on a number of adult soccer teams from about 13 onwards.

University students really surprised me as well over the last 10 years. When I went it was a 3 year drinking session with a lecture thrown in every now and again. I play with quite a few nowadays and they put work above Disc Golf - again no way I would have done at that age, I would have been playing and making up excuses for why I hadn't done the assignment. Most of my peers were the same.

I feel we were a pretty entitled generation, those born in the 70's to early 80's, we were told that you just had to go through school and then university and you would have a job waiting for you (which had genuinely been the case the generation before) . Turns out it was a bit of a surprise at the other end of the track. The kids today know they have to work their a&&es off through both school and university to have any chance of a good job at the end of it and probably endure 6 months to a year of unpaid internships to boot.

I'm generally more impressed by the next generation coming through than I am with my own and the ones above me.

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