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Any chance that there will be more P1's run in soft p-line? It's darn near indestructible but my greatest fear is losing one and not being able to get a replacement since I use them for most of my putter drives (and upshots and putts).[/QUOTE]

The P1 wont be run in the soft plastic most likely but you can expect more Soft P2 to pop up as well as the P1x again most likely. Possibly another mold as well

Originally Posted by ArtemisClydFr0g View Post
Will we see another run of the P1x in S-line (or swirly)? I picked up a swirly P1x a while back and it's been my main approach disc for a while. The S-line keeps it reliably stable even in headwinds, but it never really fades. Would love to see it in regular S-line too.

Also, when is the next run of [stiff] P-line P2s? Stock seems to have dried up for the most part. I see the randoms left on a handful of websites, but not much of a selection.
Next batch of P-Line P2 is due in a couple weeks. D-Line too. As far as the swirly putters go we wont do any this year but will take a look next year. More than likely the P1x wont be made again in swirl plastic.

Originally Posted by fishballer06 View Post
I think at this point, we've all realized that the Guardian Lion/Tiger Warrior has become a diamond in the rough that everyone is loving. I have personally put one in my bag and it's currently on the brink of bumping out my P3X all together.

With that being said, when can we expect to get a Tiger Warrior in a premium plastic?
Not in 2019 for sure. I cant disclose any info concerning plans for new plastics in Active line currently. Sorry about that!

Originally Posted by TKWolverine View Post
Are there any more Active line discs in the works for 2019?
No new Active molds planned for 2019 but you can expect us to look to expand a bit the following year.

Originally Posted by fishballer06 View Post
You mentioned P-Line drivers twice, but didn't mention mid's. Will we be getting more P-line MD3's (and 4's)?
Like stiff P-Line? Im not sure we have ever run out of them online.

Originally Posted by King K View Post
Will the three-tooled FD2 (royal rage mold) be released as a stock disc anytime soon? or will it be a recurring tour series disc?
Weve planned on a restock and those will indeed be made in about a month or two

Originally Posted by discerdoo View Post
Any ETA on when these will show up in retail shops? Hopefully a fair amount will be less than max weight.
Cloud Breakers will return very shortly. Lower weights included.
DD3 next batch will have plenty of lower weights as well. Those will follow shortly after.

Originally Posted by Don Romeo View Post
I saw Nate Perkins in the bag european open video, saw new discmania bag, when will it be available?
TBD. Were working on a few details on the bag before we proceed.

Originally Posted by krooster View Post
Does anyone else think that soft P line is more durable than X line?

The soft P line that the P1 was originally run in was kind of floppy, but seemed indestructible. The special edition soft P line P2 is also basically indestructible, and less floppy (in my opinion, perfection). However I have X line P1x's and while I love the flight and grip, they get dinged up really fast.

I would LOVE to see the P1x run in soft P line.
Id say its fairly certain you will see the P1x run again in soft plastic. P2 for sure will make another debut as well.

We havent noticed the Soft plastic being more durable than X-Line but would be interested to hear from others. Id venture to say the opposite but maybe other folks feel the same as you do.

Originally Posted by Jenga54 View Post
Could we get a down and dirty answer why we get mostly green and sandy yellow-brown Swirly discs instead of mostly pink, red, purple, blue, orange, dayglo or maybe even black/greys.
Yes we get some of those. But by-golly if you look at a lot of 25 of em, maybe half are desirable to someone.
Actually we just want blue ones. Instead of making all the colors mixed together, just make a whole batch of 2000 blue Swirly and 2000 pink swirly - just like there's only 4 colors of Evolution plastics.
Swirls are tough. I think there are many factors to the equation but they are unpredictable at times. Production is always finding new ways to perfect the process. In a nutshell, although muddy discs are undesirable, the fact that these discs are all basically unicorns make the Originals swirl discs highly sought after. Wed love for every one to be mind blowing but its just not always in the cards. Based on that fact alone, thats why people love them so much because they are all so unique.

Originally Posted by fishballer06 View Post
When can we expect to see more black putters? I'd love a few D line P2's and P1X's, as well as some Tiger Warriors.
New batches of both P and D-Line P2 due in a couple weeks. Keep you posted!

Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
Hey Discmania, sounds like there are a number of people still very interested in the release date of full production Royal Rages! End of this month would be 2 months since the above post, got a date for us?
RR should make a comeback in the next month or so. Well work hard to get these out as fast as we can.

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