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I have putted with wizards for the past two years or so of regular play and I have used them with both pitch and spin putting styles. I currently use a Nikko/Feldberg hybrid pitch putt and use the wizards. I love driving/throwing upshots both backhand (00) and forehand (<225) with wizards. My first putter was an aviar and it lasted me for a long time. It was super beat and I loved it for upshots I NEEDED to finish right (RHBH), hyzer upshots that would go laser straight due to how flippy it was and long, long putts (60'-100'). I recently lost it and a friend recommended a magic to replace it. After putting with wizards my impression of the magic is that they putt similarly to a wizard inside of 30' with a slightly slower drop rate. They are better than wizards for low-ceiling spin putts and anhyzer putts due to how they track right rather than hzyering out like a wizard. They will really hold a line and hold their height on long jump putts better than wizards or challengers. My main midrange discs are comets and I feel very comfortable throwing the magic off the tee as a result. It is a great hyzer-flip putter and for tight fairways 200'-275' with a bit of height to work with I can throw it on a hyzer in the middle of the gap and it will fly almost perfectly straight. I also trust it for anhyzer shots on the 250' range where I will throw it flat with an anhyzer x-step (back right of teepad to front left) and it will track right very reliably with this slight OAT. It is also a very good disc for short approach shots (<200') as it needs little room left/right to work and can fly well with an abbreviated reachback and/or a short quick wristy upshot. My preferred throwing style is hyzer>flat>anhyzer for both BH and FH. I feel that this will greatly effect how you like throwing the magic.

I recommend the magic if you:

Like throwing hyzerflips.

Need a quick replacement to a more beat putter.

Want a less stable alternative to a more stable putter mold.

Like throwing (under)stable midranges ie. comet, stingray, meteor, fuse or stratus.

I do not recommend the magic if you:

Prefer to throw flat or anhyzer shots. (It will not fly straight for you consistently except possibly in premium [evo ] plastic.)

Throw with greater than 80% power on the majority of your shots. (You will have a hard time controlling the magic. It seems to like more spin than speed).

Have thrown a comet and ditched it because it turned into a roller when you threw it.

The magic is a good understable putter. It compliments more stable putter molds well and works great for touch upshots/drives especially of the hyzer-flip/anhyzer variety.
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