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Snaques' call of the Verdict as a midrange PD is pretty much how I feel too. Dead straight to fade. No turn pretty much ever in normal throws. Long predictable hyzers. Annies that hold until a forward fade/flex, and never burn. No does what you want it to and is pretty forgiving as long as you throw it hard. I've never been confused or wondered what was happening mid flight. People always notice it in rounds, how it predictably does what you want. Plus I love how it feels in the hand. It's not my main mid as it's got a bit too much fade for all around duty, but I'm always happy when I have the chance to throw it.

My only complaint is that it's really fast for a mid, so it has to be thrown pretty hard for it to show its desired qualities. But that's also how it gets such good distance while still being overstable.
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