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Lots of good info on this thread. One thing that's important not to overlook is that when scrubbing your discs and yourself, don't use warm or hot water. Use cool or cold water. Your whole purpose with the cleaning is to remove the oil and keep it from contact with skin where it can bind. The last thing you want is to be removing oil from surfaces/skin and have warm water opening your pores at the same time.

Two other bits of info that were touched on:

1. The oil can be present on your hands for a time without you seeing a reaction. The more dense skin slows the binding but means you may be inadvertently spreading the infection. Shoes, shoelaces, hats, sunglasses, car keys, wallets, bottles, STEERING WHEELS AND GEAR SHIFTS, etc. can all easily pick up the oil from your hands and give it back to you.

2. You can not be too diligent about getting the oil off. Err on the side of caution. If you think you or a disc might have touched the demon weed, treat that object like the biohazard it is.

Also, nobody is immune. Some people just have extremely mild reactions. Some peoples' reactions change as they age. I've known surveyors who could roll around in the stuff with no ill effects and then one summer BOOM! they're screaming and visiting the ER for a steriod shot.

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