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Originally Posted by curmudgeonDwindle View Post
What we would do well to notice is Kennedy's openness to new experiences. The conflict between relative levels of this trait creates many issues in life, but is particularly apparent in a sport which trends conservative like golf.

He is also correct about the emergence of new beneficial ideas, which almost always are generated by people exercising entrepreneurial or artistic traits. Remember when the game started, some friends just got together and basically made it up as they went along. I'm almost certain that the raised basket idea 'came out of left field' by somebody who thought 'this would be cool', just like a hanging basket (or the invention of the 'scooBer' delivery). Can anyone imagine, long ago, ole Steady Ed with this crazy idea trying to sell others on it? They tried it. It's personally frustrating to me that some dig in their heels just talking about trying a cheap, simple idea, with virtually no down-side, certainly in the short term, but that's people (devil's advocates notwithstanding)'s an interesting pattern...

I like to think there's plenty of design space left, and there's definitely a sweet-spot between order and chaos where all the real action (growth)'s where disc golf makes its bargain with the future.
i was surprised by ck not being rigid for once