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I bagged a gold line bolt for a while as it had me reaching baskets I had never reached before. Started out as a nice gentle glide to the right with a forward fading finish. Within a few months of wear it became a twitchy uncontrollable mess for me. Big wing understable drivers are a nightmare to control.

I then went to Sheriffs starting with a lucid one. Much more stable but my arm wasn't getting any turn out of it. Still a nice forward fading finish and good distance but not the distance I got out of the bolt. Picked up a lucid trespass that I could get a little turn out of but it finished harder to the left than the bolt or sheriff.

Finally picked up a fuzion sheriff and it has been my goto for 2 years now. Started off pretty HSS but with a forward fading finish. Slowly beat in nicely and is now the perfect max distance driver for my arm (350ish). Ripped flat, it glides slightly to the right. A little hyzer and it is a lazer beam. I can crank it high on an anhyzer and it always pans out flat for me.

I also put my lucid sheriff back in my bag when I need a little more insurance not to go right at all or for downhill drives.

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