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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
I have a pretty small sample size (you can read my Katana experience over the past couple pages), but of the Katanas I own the only one that's a meathook is my domey Champion. My Blizzard has a moderate dome and flies great, and my Pro is flat so started off more overstable than I wanted; however, Pro plastic beats in quickly, and I'm already starting to see a little bit of turn from it.

If you are able to buy your disc in person, I would make sure to compare the parting line heights of the Katanas available for purchase and buy the lowest PLH. My meathook domey Champ has a very high PLH compared to the others, which is clearly the cause of its overstability. If you need to buy online, I think grabbing a lightweight Pro would have a decent chance of working out for you...maybe not the disc you'd want from Day 1, but since that plastic type beats in fast you can have a beat-in Katana fairly quickly if you commit to throwing it a bunch (and could fast track the break in period even more by throwing some parking lot skip shots).

Another alternative would be to try a different mold altogether. With so much variability in the Katana mold, it is tough to make an exact comparison. But of the three I own, here's what disc I would say flies closest:

Meathook Champ Katana = Opto-X Ballista Pro
Pro Katana = Fuzion Raider
Blizzard Katana = Moonshine or Opto Ballista (not Pro...just regular Ballista)
Thanks for the info! I'm a little unclear about PLH though. I found a thread on here that addresses it but it seems like the examples they gave were images of two putters and it was a very clear seam. I'm having trouble finding that line on the Katana unless it's just understood that it's the outer edge of the disc since it's such a narrow point. I took some pics, maybe there is something to be gleaned. I know it's hard without some kind of scale or comparison disc of the same mold but i'd still be interested to know if anything sticks out.

Clear/Whitish Plastic is the Champ Katana. Yellow is a G* Destroyer.
(pics are huge so links instead)


Better shot of Katana

If anyone has an older Katana that they really love i would be curious to see a similar side profile of that disc. I feel like i'm going crazy but that bottom lip didn't seem to be there on the old ones.
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