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Originally Posted by Twmccoy View Post
Generally, what determines a good vs. bad Katana for me is dome (or lack thereof). The flatter the Katana, the worse it'll fly. Flat Katanas tend to glide poorly and be really overstable.

The domier the better.

How far do you throw? Some Katanas will turn fairly easily, while others take quite a bit more work. Once you start going over 350' a Katana should turn decently.
Thank you for your comment as well! This is hilarious, though. Both responses so far claim to know exactly what makes an overstable Katana and they are polar opposite opinions.

I'm not a very strong thrower. With my Destroyer i probably top out around 300 but with the Katana i could hit around 350. I was getting nice S curve action when i put a tiny bit of an anhyzer angle on it but if i simply threw it flat it would blast off down the middle without much fade.
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