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Originally Posted by Skins View Post
So DiscGolfCraig, itís a logical fallacy akin to the straw man argument to say that because people who have not reviewed before, donít know what they are talking about. Just the same a saying because a person has 50 reviews does know what they are talking about.

Many of the folks that have reviewed Caliber are from out of state. Ive had folks in from 20 or so different states this past summer just to play this course. Groups from Salt Lake, Boise, Portland, Seattle, Pocatello, Missoula, Libby, Kallispell, Tricities (WA), and Bend have come twice to visit because they enjoyed it so much.

Honestly, itís pretty conceited to think a first time reviewer lacks experience. There are some very seasoned players out there who are very articulate and intelligent that you do not know about. Many of those folks have never felt the drive to review, just like some players do.

The guy who gave me a 3, for example, is a total fraud. He came to league play last summer, there were roughly 40 there that day. He was approximately 23 years old, been playing 1.5 years. My shop was in disarray with some used discs in the back in a box somewhere. He wanted my attention to search through them, I helped the best I could. He got frustrated because I couldnít find for him what he didnít even know he wanted. I did my best. He shot 89 or 92 or something, lost a disc or two and split not in a great mood. So he goes and gives me a 3 to spite me, gives other courses in the area a 4 that are far lesser of venues.

Hereís the fraudulent part, he stated at the time of his review that heíd been playing for 23.5 years, when he was actually only 23.5 years old. Tried to make himself look like a big shot when the opposite was true.

Moral of the story, donít judge a book by its cover. Some of those first time reviewers would take your lunch money 5 days a week on any course and are very good, ďwell readĒ players who know exactly what the hell they are talking about, just never felt the need to review before.
Youíre new so Iíll sum the argument up in two words: Pendleton King.

Every review should be weighed equally. Some people think more experienced players/TRers should have their reviews more heavily weighted. Iíve always argued against that. I like all perspectives. What is harmful to the site are the drive by 5-star reviews.

Look at the amount of garbage 9-hole courses that have high ratings on UDisc. Itís hard to sort out the good and bad courses on that site because seemingly every single course has a 4.0+ rating.

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