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Default Crafting Low Scores - Everything Discraft!

Review, analyze, rate, compliment, discuss, speculate, inquire, brag, post picture and video, criticize, complain, and/or rant about everything Discraft and DGA here! Think Discraft needs more excitement? Share your opinions and experiences here!

I started playing with all Discraft, then for a year or two I threw anything and everything...with a distinct lack of satisfaction. So a few years ago I started converting back to all Discraft which I have enjoyed ever since. Having thrown a whole lot of Discraft perfection over the years I will talk endlessly about them!

I hear the 2015 Ace Race disc is an Aviar P&A copy of sorts...

The huge 2015 Ledgestone Open is taking place right now and if you haven't noticed they have released a buttload of interesting limited edition discs in various plastics like Cryztal, Sparkle, Ti, and especially a wide variety of special FLX discs. I only like flexible discs in the cold weather when I rarely play.

I hear they're coming out with a CrankSS soon, should be great. The NukeSS is under rated and mistakenly criticized IMO for slower throwers, it's an amazing max speed, glidey driver. I use a memorial Ti version for long right-turning BH rollers, it has the stability and glide of the domey King I used to use but it's faster.

A few of the Ledgestone fundraisers have caught my eyes like the Z FLX Ringers, but I will just stick with the nice stiff Proline Breaker in my car. They are Ringer copies. Proline plastic is plenty durable, more than innova Pro plastic, but gosh is it grippy. Especially in the rain and dew. The Breaker has been a great disc for me, I bring it out of my truck in windy conditions because Challengers aren't very overstable at all, a bit less than a wizard, even in Ti, Cryztal, and Z plastic. The Breaker is about the speed of a Pure or Classic Roc, and is similar to a Rhyno in overstability. Zones are much more overstable, and I've been enjoying the newer runs of D Zones which molded up perfectly with concave tops, but they beat up really nicely. The Zone is one of the most comfy discs in forehand and backhand that I've ever felt, and the most overstable putter/tweener made.

The Ledgestone "3" rated (Forces are rated "2") FAF Z FLX Trackers are interesting. Despite the approved discs chart the Tracker is a speed 8 fairway driver with a 1.8cm rim width and varies widely in stability, too much if you ask me. I bought two fresh Z ones from a vendor and one was very understable like a worn TL and the other was as overstable as a fresh Predator...and they were only a couple grams apart. They have the same nice mild dome, just too different in PLH.

Speaking of Forces, the SC top 10 green sparkle Z Forces are flat and as overstable as Flicks!

What do you think of Discraft's flight ratings?

I traded for a Flick recently and what a great disc. I've never thrown any driver that is so comfortable and releases so cleanly from a forehand grip, which I think is due to it's very flat top and shallow rim. A truly unique disc.

I bought a first run DGA Hellfire to check out and it is clearly a modified Flick. I'd say they are both about speed 11. The Hellfire has a lower PLH but much blunter Firebird-esque wing, and they are both meathooky. My Flick is just a touch more overstable than my Hellfire, and the Hellfire has a normal depth rim and is significantly more comfy in a backhand grip. It reminds me very much of a nice flat star Xcal.

They finally fixed the colors, molding, grip, and stiffness of Ti discs!

The new Mantis has been an all star for me in the woods, I have two in big Z, one which is very beat up. Big Z has been interchangeable with Z for me, though I heard that some discs like the Crank tend to mold up more understable In big Z. The Mantis is similar to a Patriot or a speed 8 Leo, but with a nice big dome which I'm convinced makes it glide so nicely. The new Heat is very similar also with a very nice big dome, but with the convex wing of a Roadrunner and it flies a little more understable than my beat up Mantis. The big Z Heat dragon stamp is ****ing badass.

The long awaited production Z Drones and Meteors are here as of last year, thank god! The Drone is such a nice skippy meathook midrange when the occasion arises, and the Meteor is a -money- long turnover mid after a short time seasoning. I prefer it to the Comet for it's speed and more comfortable grip. It takes -forever- to beat up a Z Buzzz to the point of a 2 week old Meteor. I haven't messed around much with a BuzzzSS yet. I used to throw Comets, great midrange.

The Avenger is a disc I rediscovered after I noticed that it is -extremely- similar to a Thunderbird, in flight and mold. I had one that was Predator overstable and now a couple years later it has straightened out and has been an important disc for long straight shots with a hyzer finish. The DGA Tsunami is the old, less overstable Predator mold, so in between a Pred and Avenger. Though there is very little gap lol...

The Magnet has been my go to putter for years now, I just never liked how the Focus (Wizard copy) and Challenger faded out earlier. The Focus is an under rated putter, it is pretty much a Challenger in speed and flight but with the proven big bead configuration of a Wizard. The DGA Steady is a lower profile Focus! The Magnet is also an underrated putter nowadays. The convex wing is super comfy for placing my index finger on. It is nice and slow and deep like Feldberg has always advocated, it fills my palm well. McBeth has proven the effectiveness of less overstable putters, and said he and Rico used to putt with Magnets before he was sponsored by Innova. People complain about the D plastic but it is usually nice and firm and it is always very grippy and catches perfectly, and it beats in nicely for putting. Not good for a Buzzz though, lol.

I throw premium and D Challengers, the premium's fly just like the D which is not very overstable. I haven't messed around with Banger GT's much yet despite their popularity.

The Rattler is a great lid, nice and stable, obviously slower than a Magnet. I keep one in my truck and play a lot of catch before and after rounds with it, but I very rarely play disc golf with it.

The BuzzzOS has been my favorite release in a long time. I used to throw Hornets and even a Nebula, when I discovered the awesome flat feel and overstability of Wasps. However the BuzzzOS has clearly replaced them all for me, and some of my Drone duties, because it just feels even better than all of them. It is so flat and comfy, and plenty overstable yet because of it's speed it flies just as far as my Wasps...which are back in the truck again lol.

I didn't like the feel of the Stratus, Impact, Xpress, XS, or Stalker a lot. The Big Z Zombee I had was truly a longer Buzzz, but a bit slower than a Leo or XL. The Z XL on the other hand feels better than all of the rest to me, and fit's right between a Buzzz and Mantis in speed with the same stability, so I bring it out of the truck on occasion for a straight, low shot where my Buzzz always comes up annoyingly just short.

The Nuke has been a go-to disc for me, there is nothing faster than a Nuke IMO. It definitely doesn't get the love it deserves. It's a faster, farther Destroyer. I've thrown a 172 ESP just over 500' dead flat ground a few times now outside of rounds. I have them ranging from faster PD2 meathook overstable (most of which are Ti), to Force overstable, to everything else. Some flat and screaming fast, some with huge poppy tops. Some in Z or Z variants, some in super grippy, faster beating ESP. Very similar to a Boss, Quasar, World, Missilen, Rampage etc. I don't understand why people let the wide rim get in their head, I get a perfect comfy power grip on my Nukes and I have typical Large size glove hands. The Crank is great because it is just a hair slower, just as a Destroyer or higher PLH King in design, but it flies like a well worn Nuke/Destroyer. I've thrown a few that were star Tern/King understable but all of my four Z Cranks are more like a faster champ Tern. The Force is nice too when you can't find a Nuke that reliably overstable, but they have been easy for me to find. The DGA Hurricane is like a speed 12 Nuke, I used to LOVE them but then I discovered the speed of the Nuke. The Z Lite Nukes I tried were extremely understable lol.

The Pulse is a SurgeOS, the Crush is a FlashOS...boring! Grab a Nuke and drop some bombs grandpa!

The NukeOS is the most meathook overstable Discraft disc when the top is flat/PLH is high...even more than the flicks I've thrown so far...crazy overstable!

Overall I rate the Discraft lineup of discs 10/10 perfect IMO! Plus their plastic has been great recently. I have had really good luck throwing them the past few years!

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