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Originally Posted by Kodachrome View Post
Comet... It's an amazing mid.
For those of you who know me, this will come as no surprise. I love the Comet.

It isn't a very versatile disc, it is very much a one trick pony. But it does that one trick so much better than any other disc I have ever thrown. This one trick is also the most frequent wish I had heard from golfers.

The one thing the Comet does better than any other disc? It holds whatever line you put on to it. Perfectly straight? Yeah baby, all day long! Hyzer? Yup, it will hold it until it hits the ground. Anhyzer? Again, it will hold it until it hits the ground… assuming you are throwing a relatively low line. If you throw a crazy high Anhyzer, it will flex out given enough height. But it takes an awful lot of height for that to happen.

This disc excels at effortless, glidey, sneaky-long, graceful lines. I love this disc in the woods because it is very much a finesse disc.

Because of these characteristics, the Comet makes a fantastic diagnostic tool. It will let you know if you have any dirt in your throw. But be forewarned: this disc is not forgiving at all. This is the very characteristic that makes it a fantastic diagnostic tool. I know several people who tried this disc when they were noobs and hated it because it was so unforgiving. After playing for a while, come back and try it; you might love it. Conversely, if you are a new player and the Comet is frustrating you… keep throwing it until it gives you what you want; you will be a much better golfer because of it.

Before I start sounding like a fanboy, there are many things this disc does not do well; for example, it does not do well in the wind, it does not do well when you try to overpower it, it does not do well with OAT, does not do well if you need something to flex back, etc.

Having said that, if you want an easy to throw, glidey, finesse disc that will hold its line to the ground… you owe it to your self to try the Comet.

If you want to know more, go visit the Comet Love thread… this is a thread all about this fantastic disc. There is much more information in there then I can fit into one post (even though I gave it my best shot LOL)

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