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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
You are starting swinging before your front foot plants and your rear foot is weight back during the swing. Your front leg also collapses into the plant instead of crushing the can and then swinging. You are swinging before any crushing, your leg is being crushed/collapsing instead of the can.
Thanks for the quick response SW22. I actually do all those drills quite a bit. I think you touched on what is big part of my struggle. Throwing a hammer or golf club or whatever, it's real easy to feel that lag and pressure that the weight of the object creates. Not so much with a plastic disc. Hopefully, the idea of pretending the disc is heavy will help.

Also, I attached a photo below. I understand exactly what you mean about crushing the can, although I do need drink more canned beer to replenish practice supplies. The other part of your post talks about weight still being to far back when i start swinging forward. In the picture, my entire body with the exception of the throwing arm should be more towards the target before I swing correct?

Thanks again.
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