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Originally Posted by slowplastic View Post
I would start with your feet offset in the closed manner that you want to swing from. So roughly trace a line from rear foot's toes through front foot's heel. Then from there it's simple...stride targetwards. The offset will remain roughly the same, and your momentum carries you straight targetwards. Starting slightly closed should help you turn deeper in the door frame manner.

Right now it's too complicated, you start off parallel to the line you want to throw, then try to push your mass toward the line but step across your body. So your mass is going down the red line but foot along the blue line, and you're getting all crossed up.

The momentum direction during an X-step should feel very straight and in balance, there shouldn't be swaying at all. So in a standstill it should be even more simple. This is the point of standstills to me, it already exposes this step to the side without any additional forward momentum before the plant, so if you added an X-step in there then the cause of this issue would be even harder for you to find.
Okay, I think I get it, at least conceptually. It seems pretty intuitive that stepping too far in front of the rest of my body, leaves it nowhere to go. It's essentially like putting a wall up in front of my momentum.
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