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Originally Posted by JPM13 View Post
Okay, I think I get it, at least conceptually. It seems pretty intuitive that stepping too far in front of the rest of my body, leaves it nowhere to go. It's essentially like putting a wall up in front of my momentum.
Yeah that's exactly right. You want to stride in balance/direction and when you land your body will easily rotate/pivot through. It won't feel like anything. But you'll realize you didn't run through the shot afterwards, so your rear side countered the throw.

Also in your picture above you can see you still are weighted on the rear foot even though the plant foot is down.

I would say door frame drill 1, really focus on how it should feel to use your body weight and leverage into the rear leg, along with crushing the can from the height are the two things to help most. The clip where SW is standing on a small foam roller to drop down. That extra drop that you get from a small height is how it feels when you correctly Hershyzer/lead with your body weight down the target line and then catch your weight more suddenly. It's really hard to still be weighted on the rear foot when you drop down a few inches in that drill.
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