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Hey guys. Dusting this thread off. I wanted to share a ball golf video that provided a lot of clarity about what power perhaps "speed" is a better term) feels like to me.

Let me provide a little background. I played lacrosse at the collegiate level and just recently picked up ball golf after not playing at all for about 10 years. Miraculously, I pretty much instantly picked up driving the ball far and fairly consistently. I have been reflecting on how this seemingly accidental skill occurred. I am fairly sure it is from a direct carry over from shooting a lacrosse ball. Below, I will provide a lacrosse gif and a ball golf instructional video that seems to be explaining what I think I am feeling. Excuse the length of the post.


This is a very close example of my lacrosse shooting form.



Ball golf instructional video clip.
Link in case embed isn't working.


The common thread here is the leverage on that front leg. This is the brace that everyone always talks about here. The problem is I have alot of trouble getting that feeling RHBH. I think it is because I am far to worried about getting off my back foot onto the front foot. I am technically shifting weight back to front (which is good), but in the wrong way. I am essentially hopping from one leg to another instead of shifting into that braced front leg.

As an aside, I realize nothing I am saying here is new. In fact, Sidewinder, hyzer, slowplastic, and anyone else who knows their stuff, talks about this concept all the time. The problem is I couldn't figure out the feeling. So what is the plan of action to implement this feeling into disc golf?
  • Alternate between lacrosse swing and backhand swing. Try to replicate front leg feeling.
  • Standstills only concentrating on feeling the front leg tension.
  • Stop worrying so much about feeling weight transfer. Worry more about getting into the correct postion. I.E., feel the tension in the front leg

I Think I want to emulate these guys. Their form seems to jive better with the athletic moves that I am used to and comfortable with.


Tristan Tanner

So is any, some, all of this making sense? Am I thinking about the brace in the right way? I would love any and all feedback. Again, I know you guys have talked about this concept a ton, but I needed to develop the concept in a way that my dumb brain can understand. Thanks for your time. You guys are the best!


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