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I'll try to be as philosophical as possible.

First, historical: back in the day when the Leopard was a long-range driver, and the Gazelle, Eagle and Teebirds were drivers, the mids truly were the middle-range discs. Then the Valkryie and other faster drivers began coming out. Now, drivers go as high as speed 13, 14, etc. (without getting into the weeds on relative numbers), and the "mids" aren't really in the middle anymore.

Mids back in the day were mostly speed 4 or so, a few were speed 3. Then came innovations and renovations, and more mids came out with speed 5 designations. Again, don't want to get in the weeds on these speeds, but the Mako3 became a faster Mako, the VCobra a faster Cobra, the Roc3 a faster Roc, and so on and so forth.

We now see a new niche coming out, the "approach"... these are the fast putters that are now in that speed 3-4 category that once housed mids. Discs like the Prodigy A-Series, the Innova Colt, Stud and Mirage, etc.

And putters have become faster in their own right, at least some of them.

Sooo, where does that leave us now. You (OP) remarked that people go from putters to fairway drivers without using mids, and that can and does happen... and it might be the best thing for some. IMHO, it depends partly on how far one throws, partly on what courses one regularly plays, and partly personal preference and what one is comfortable with. And as one gets better as a DG player, the strategies and the discs might change, as well.

For me, I use mids for throws that would be at or beyond the distance I can throw putters. Lets say I have a 220 ft. throw to the basket over level ground. I can get a putter there, with a (near) full power throw. I can get my Star Stud there with a hard throw. But I can throw a good controlled shot without feeling like I have to rip it by using the Mako3, or Buzzz, or Panther (discs I carry; hence saying them by name. Others may use different discs, of course.). Some would rather throw that putter, and go to the fairway drivers for longer shots, and that's fine by me.

There are some courses in my area that I play that I can leave the mids at home and not miss them. These are open, pitch-and-putt courses where I drive with the driver and then go for the Stud/Mirage or even the P2. Then there's more technical courses where having a mid for a nice controlled shot is more needed.

So your game on your courses will have to decide if putter-to-fairway-driver works best, or if you need a mid. In closing, I'll just say that IMHO an overstable mid for approaches, utility shots and wind-fighting would be an extremely valuable addition to one's game no matter what overall strategy you apply in making up your bag.

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