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Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post
You indicated the "Top 5 Destroyer Plastic Types" but separate Star & Star X-Out... For this dataset, I would probably combine those fields since (to me) x-outs are more about price point than plastic type.

Also, I would imagine that people look in the x-out category for their specific weight/color combo if they do not see it in the standard Star Destroyer field...

Is there a peripheral benefit to segregating x-outs?
Good point, maybe there's not a benefit to segregating X-Outs. The only reason is that it comes out that way in our system, but I could do a little addition and put them together. Lots of people will hunt for the X-Outs first to see if there's one they like. I think the only benefit to having them different is just to see the ratio of X-Outs to Stock discs sold.

Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post
That said, it would be interesting to get a global dataset for the year on all manufacturers...
Sure would be, but as far as I've seen nobody else is releasing data. Infinite, however, does have the biggest inventory in the World (as far as retailers go) and sells to all over the world, so we have at least a decent idea of sales around the country.

Originally Posted by SD86 View Post
Good chart. Interesting information.

There are soooo many variants of the Aviar. I'd like to see that broken down into more individual molds.
Not a bad idea, I will write this down and see if I can make a blog post breaking down the Aviar molds, plastics, and sales statistics. Thanks!

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