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If the Firebird wing is truly a Teebird wing that’s simply .050” wider(that’s what it sure seems like to me), then I nominate it for the best and most classic wing shape of all time. Teebird is undeniably a classic, and still relevant(if not still the best at its role). Wing looks to be identical on the Eagle, Banshee, and prototype FD2 from last year, as well as being basically copied in multiple competitor’s discs. The Rival and Explorer are lauded for being great fairways and are nearly exact copies. The Firebird wing is shared by the OLF, PD, Thunderbird, and FD3, and again replicated in other lineups. And after trying every Firebird copy/competitor I can think of, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing on the market even as good as a Firebird, let alone better. And all of its offshoots are great discs in their own roles.

Roc is a no-brainer.

Destroyer is the Teebird of distance drivers. Every other company makes something intended to copy its flight that also happens to nearly copy the wing. Some companies offer several attempts. Nothing’s ever improved upon it.

I prefer my Aviars with a bead. Are all the other Wizard/Challenger/whatevers out there not a semi-copy of the big bead Aviar?

I’ve tried out a LOT of discs in the 5 years I’ve been playing. I’m coming to the conclusion that Innova pretty much figured everything out years ago, there’s not much left to do, and the same basic wheels keep getting reinvented.

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