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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
One of the pitches I used 20 years ago when I helped to get a couple of courses put in was to tout the benefits a Disc Golf course will bring for the whole recreation experience and for the well-being of the park. For starters, 72 people can experience recreation on an 18-hole course much more inexpensively than lots of other options. I used tennis. One court is more expensive than a DG course but only 4 can participate, for example.

Secondly, it increases foot traffic in back areas of parks where illicit activity can no longer hide from view.

A third point that exists now that didn't in 1999 is how this sport has blown up in popularity. I had to convince people back then how this wasn't a fad. Today there are ten times as many people playing DG according to PDGA memberships! But I did have data on my side that showed good growth every year since baskets first went in the ground in the mid-1970's.

Don't forget to explain why the sport is gaining such popularity. It's an awesome sport unlike any other. We get to choose differing projectiles based on the need before us. Only fishing comes to mind in this regard with its lures. The Discs themselves are beloved by their owners, and the catching baskets are a novel and interesting twist on where sporting projectiles are destined. Factor this in with the relative inexpensive nature of the game for both player and park and this game is destined to be one of the big past times.

Don't forget that maintenance is relatively low and lots of it is done by local enthusiasts.

It's a great recreation bang for the buck for parks departments. I used to think back then we'd eventually have a course in every small town like there are tennis and basketball courts and baseball/softball fields. It's happening now before our very eyes!

Go get 'em!

Great insight! I'll make sure to put these notes in the package I present to the park board.

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