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Good thread. Fun to read, and fun to talk about...

Mine was the Windy Water Open in 2005.
You can find me down in 9th place in the Rec division (then the lowest).

It looks like my ratings for my 67/69, had I been a PDGA member, would have been a 758/734 split. At the time I didn't know anything about ratings, but the course at Ohio Northern University was literally the only course I had ever played at that time (the next day I would play my first ever weekly doubles scramble at the same course) - I was literally 1 month in. Overall I'd been shooting 58-59 every time out as a casual player, so I was really disappointed. After finishing the event, seeing I was in 9th and coming from a background in a sport that only gave out medals for top 3 - I immediately assumed I hadn't got any sort of prize and went out and played a casual round (shot 62). Didn't find out how disc golf did payouts until around a month later. Andy, the TD, still owes me that DX disc. (I've sporadically given him **** about it over the years)

A few other memories...
First round was mixed cards. Played with a real ass, won't say who - he still golfs frequently. At one point the Intermediate guy who was on our card, Chris Rob Wehner who was playing really well in his division, snapped at him "Why are you **** talking my shots, I'm not even in your division?!" I was throwing only 3 discs at the time, a Z Reaper, Glow #2 Driver, and a Z Putt'R, guy was making fun of my use of the #2 Driver instead of the Z Reaper (which I only used overhand, and I couldn't straighten out on a backhand). Just silly ****. Overall I remember that round really positively nowadays because over the years Chris Rob became one of my favorite people to throw with, and being able to say I met him during my first tournament round ever is really cool.

Second round held a really cool memory too - I'd never witnessed an ace before. On hole 13 from the shorts Justin Gossman, who I believe still posts here (???) hit either his first ace OR his first money ace, can't remember exactly. He threw a big looping thumber that crashed home. I played a number of events with him over the course of that summer while I was playing in the rec division, another really cool person!

At that tournament I also had my first interactions with Chris Hoyle, who won the Open division - I've got almost 15 years of memories of road trips with him, I golf all the time now with his son who just graduated high school last month. The same goes for Tim Grabowski, who DNF'd that tournament because he took a giant chunk out of his toe retrieving a disc from a pond 1st round (sharp rocks) - since meeting him that day we've been on numerous road trips, and at one point were shooting pool every day for a good few years.

I managed to get my revenge on the course. My results in October of that year in Intermediate were much better... - 896/965 split. I improved a lot that first summer, I lost my vision in my eye and everyone felt sorry for me so I was able to play a lot of disc golf as an unemployed slacker for some months. 100+ hole days happened multiple times per week.

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