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I just played a bunch of fairway driver holes with a Relay, Crave, Clash, and a bunch of Volts. For overstable I had a Deflector, Wrath, and Phase. I realize none of those OS discs are technically fairways, but they are all good on different lines at fairway driver distances.

The Relay is such a smooth disc. It is like a Leopard, but a little less touchy in every way. It's turn is more methodical and it has a much greater propensity to fade without having much more fade than the Leo. I think the Relay flies faster, but the progression of the high speed turn is just as slow. On a couple anny shots where I would normally mash a Theory or Proxy to get to the outside of the circle the Relay was parked on almost the same line. I really needed this disc in my game.

The Crave is like a mini Volt with a straighter overall flight. It is a little slower, but has more glide. They often ended up close on straight or turnover shots. The biggest difference is on shots that flatten from hyzer...the Volt tends to come back to hyzer and fade where the Crave stays very straight. Unfortunately I don't have any max weight or overstable Craves to really compare to my favorite Volts.

If all Clashes flew as nice as the one I have it more people would be bagging them. It is a Proton @ 176g and is board flat. It is both more hss and lss than my Craves, and is probably the most like a premium overstable Teebird of any MVP disc I've thrown. This disc pairs very naturally with the Relay being of slower speed. Unfortunately it is not as good as a TB in the wind, and it gets pushed around if not kept flat.

I'm still a bit puzzled with my flight numbers Proton Volt. I don't think it had a ton of high speed turn, but it is quicker turning laterally than any other Volt I've thrown. It does bomb, but I generally use my Volts as control discs rather than distance discs. My Plasma Volt is wonderful even at 176g, but it does get to the ground quick if not given enough power. I just got a new 175 storm trooper N Volt with flight #'s and I'm happy to say that she has that classic Volt flight, still nice and overstable on the finish under 350' on a flat throw. Yet with the tiniest bit of anny I can make it fly almot perfectly straight.

After today I really want to explore the Relay/Volt combo some more. The Crave is going to sit until I can get a heavier/more stable one to compare against my Volts. I'm still using Wraths for most hyzers and headwinds.

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