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Originally Posted by threevok View Post
I have 2 GStar and 1 Champion. I don't see the point of the Daedalus. To go far it has to be thrown really hard. When thrown really hard bad things can and do happen. I'd say 98.73% of throwers would be better served by a Tern or Wraith. As for big tailwinds, I bet a Teebird would go farther for most. I don't believe it is the easy distance it is marketed as.
I somewhat agree it isn't the easiest disc to throw. For being marketed as understable it takes a big rip to get maximum flex out of. Most people would be better suited with a Bolt or Nuke SS for flippy power.

I do like the Champ Daedalus though. Get enough on it and it'll go as far as any driver around. Just not for total noodle arms.
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