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Originally Posted by craigg View Post
The speed thing makes sense, as a disc shouldn't turn if it's going slower.
But the drag thing does make sense to me - as if you increase drag - and have the same speed, this would alter the flight characteristic into a less stable flight pattern.
But that in itself seems paradoxical to me because drag is conducive to slowness. All other variables left the same, you can't increase drag without lowering the rate at which the disc slows down. Interestingly, (I just found this information now), a higher drag, in airfoils, reduces the pitching moment (the angular momentum resulting from the radially asymmetric center of lift that I described). This isn't, however, because of a tail-drag. It's actually because of a head-drag. From what I gather, this head-drag causes the center of lift to actually be pushed back, so precession is retarded.

Figure 6: Discs from side-view, flying to the left.

This actually gets back to willstradamus' question as well, about speeds. It explains why "slower" (more blunt/rounded edges) discs turn over when given too much power. Precession isn't permitted to be as dominant in these situations, because of the compensatory properties of the disc, such as having rounded edges. This is something I didn't really explain in my first post, only vaguely touched upon.

So yes, craigg, you were partially right. Sorry for the confusion.

On a side note, I'd like to add something to my reply of harr0140's question about nose-down release. Since turn and lift are directly associated, throwing a nose-down disc will cause it to go fast, and consequently turn, and as a consequence of that, lift. The downward tendency imparted from the nose-down release and the lift should cancel eachother out, leaving the disc to turn, level to the ground, without banking right into a roller.
Obviously, the path will change for different stabilities, but that's the general effect.

On another side-note: ERicJ and Omega SuperSloth, let's please keep on topic. Cheers

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