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Originally Posted by Omega SuperSloth View Post
yo doc ur makin this to complicated with your big words and long paragraphs basically spin fights the drag created by air the faster u throw the more drag u get, the air wants to stop ur spin so it can take over so the more spin the farther it goes before the drag stops the spin and your disc fades. spin(right)no spin(left) it dosnt take a phd to watch a disc fly it just takes a brain and some eyes put down the book and go play
I'm certainly not a doctor; in fact, I don't have a degree of any sort. I simply enjoy dissecting certain phenomena I see in the real world to get a better understanding of them. As I said earlier in this thread: if nobody gets anything out of this except me, it still won't have been a waste, as I enjoyed writing it. I prefer to explore both practice and theory in a given area of interest.

No one's forcing you to read and/or learn it.

To Jungle Tim: I didn't know that. That's very interesting, and I'll look into it. Thanks! As for the Teebird question, this is where my knowledge wanes--I really have no idea. I am curious, though, and I'll let you know if I figure it out.

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