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Originally Posted by ALT-J View Post
Would love to hear an explanation for the wrist part. What do you mean by active or passive wrist? For me the difference is in the set up but I dont consciously do anything with my wrist in either of the shots. I feel like the wrist loads up on its own if the arm is loose and whip like in both shots.
Originally Posted by Spectacledbear View Post
I think the "forehand is active and backhand is passive wrist" is something a pro said, and it's just beeing pased around. Much like the "keep your arm tucked into you when throwing forehand". I never did it actively and i didn't have to explain it to buddies i took with me on the course.
Sexton says it in a clinic, but I've found it to be true. Wrist action during backhand is almost exclusively the result of other factors. There is not as much uncoiling in your arm during a forehand, so there is less of that lag that is generated during a backhand. I'm sure it's a matter of degree, but following through forehand feels more active for my wrist where backhand it's basically locked after the hit.

You can see, for example, in Ricky's followthrough his wrist is closed:

To be clear, I don't necessarily mean "intentional." I think a lot of beginners throw backhand with an intentionally active wrist where they try to spin the disc, rather than the wrist being the result of lag. An active wrist during a forehand might be more natural to people as well, so an active wrist may still be done without consciously trying to make it happen.

However, I guess I could be mistaking wrist action for the feel of the supination->pronation that happens.

(PS I do agree that elbow tucked for forehand isn't necessary)

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