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1) I would prefer 3 rounds to 4 because I would prefer a tournament only last two days. This is why I mainly play B and C Tiers, so it probably doesnt help your A Tier discussion. 4 days is WAY too long for me.

2) 2 courses maximum, and I'm hoping they're close together. Again, I'm probably not your target audience here.

3) I'm not willing to get a hotel so 2 hours, less than that for a multi day tournament.

4) I'm just looking for tournaments ran by good TDs on good courses at times that work well for me.

5) I'm not there for a players pack, and I would honestly prefer a lower event fee than a big players pack.

6) Same as #4. A good, well prepared TD on a good to great course makes for a fun tournament. I want the courses to be challenging, but fair.

It wasn't me, but the worst tournament moment I've ever experienced is watching a cardmate take a 15 on a 225 foot island hole. He was a lefty and there was a mandatory just to the left of the tee, blocking his backhand. The problem is that there was no drop zone, or way to advance his disc. I had to watch him throw OB six times in a row before finally landing on the island (safe by a foot).

Things like that seem minor, and in the grand scheme on tournaments they are, but seeing a guy playing his first tournament completely demoralized because of one stupid hole made me sick. I know this is off topic, but you asked about something memorable and this one stuck with me.

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