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Originally Posted by Golden Tuna View Post
I'm collecting data for an upcoming A-Tier and would like the format to be as player-oriented as possible so we can plan within the preferences of our target audience. If you do not play sanctioned events, feel free to provide your reason(s) why.


1. Would you prefer to play 3 rounds (Fri, Sat, Sun) or 4 (Fri, Sat 1, Sat 2, Sun)

2. Would you prefer to play 1 course, 2 courses, or a new course each round?

3. How far are you willing to travel for an event?

4. What would entice you to put an event (outside your home town) on your calendar?

5. What (specific) types of items do you like to see in player's packs?

6. Based on the events you've attended, what makes them memorable (good or bad)?

Thanks in advance for your input!
Lots of what Fish and biscoe said I agree wholeheartedly with. Two day (Sat-Sun) tournaments are far more preferable to me than three days, regardless of number of rounds. I have a flexible work schedule so I can take Fridays off if I need to, and sometimes will for a Sat/Sun tournament. But for a 3-day tournament, unless it's close to home, I'm probably going to have to also take Thursday for travel, not to mention practice or if the TD has scheduled a player meeting for Thursday evening.

More golf is always preferable. I played a couple 3-day A-tiers this year with one round a day and the idle time was irritating. I also played a 3-day, 4 round tournament (1-2-1) and I found that better only because I had a late tee time Friday so that I wasn't burdened with an abundance of down time. My overwhelming preference is two rounds a day, even on the final day, unless the course is an absolute monster. If I'm committing the day to the tournament, I want to spend the majority of the day playing it.

I have no preference on number of courses though I do enjoy getting second cracks at holes, so if there are multiple courses, preferably they're all played twice.

As far as what puts a tournament on my radar, it's usually a combination of course and reputation. Though now that I primarily play MP40, a good sized field of players makes a big difference as well. If I don't see a good half dozen or more in the division, I'm less inclined to travel. Fortunately that's hasn't been much of a worry for larger events like A-tiers.

Player packs are inconsequential to me. They're few and far between for pros, and the few that I've gotten typically end up as CTP prizes at my own tournaments. About the only thing I've kept for myself were tempercraft bottles, but I've collected a few of them thanks to the PDGA's relationship with ProActive.

What biscoe said about memorable events is dead on. If it's well run and the courses are in good shape, I'll have no complaints and my memories will be primarily based on my play. As a TD, I understand the scramble to get awards going and what it takes, but at the same time there is a limit on how long the wait should take and how long the awards themselves should take. And since it's the last part, not getting it right will be what most people remember first.

Just to contrast two events I played this year followed the same format...Fri-Sun, tee times each day. For one, they did awards in a rolling fashion on Sunday. As lead cards finished up, they handed out trophies and announced the winners. All the payouts, both am merch and pro cash, were distributed electronically. No need to hang around once your division was done. At the other, awards for all divisions were done at the end of the day once everyone finished. That meant for early playing divisions, they either had to wait around all day or come back at the end of the day for awards. Then on top of all that waiting around, the awards themselves involved a bunch of raffles, calling all the CTP winners individually, then naming off and recognizing every player who cashed in every division. MA2 alone paid out 40 players (out of nearly 80). The ceremony easily took over an hour and it had been raining and cold all day so those that were left were miserable and anxious to leave. Don't do that.

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